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Linking Water and Oil

The Healing Walk in the Tar Sands - see also Twitter #HealingWalk
Les peuples pour la Terre Mère are in the process of a long walk that began in Cacouna, Québec and that has arrived in Kanehsatà:ke. On the 15th of June this group will depart Kanehsatà:ke to walk to Ottawa, arriving on the 22nd of June. They are walking to draw attention to the pipeline and oil refinery (proposed by TransCanada and Enbridge) that will gravely affect the health of Cacouna, Québec and its surrounding waters.
Coule pas chez nous is an excellent French language umbrella site that brings together a variety of citizens' groups.
Environmental Defence has put together a series of web pages that describe "Energy East" and the Tar Sands
Roger Annis has written an interesting and detailed article on about the problems of transporating oil by rail and by pipeline.

Conferences and Publications

Keepers of Water annual conference
Hydrocity: a symposium on hydrology and urbanism; and Water as published by Alphabet City (2009).
Liat Margolis and Aziza Chaouni have authored a book about design and water scarcity: Out of Water, travelling exhibit and publication.

Canadian Links

The Council of Canadians on Water
Canadian Water History blog (NiCHE)
The National Network on Environments and Women's Health supports an interdisciplinary project:

Other Links

For the US see the Land-use Database put together by the California-based Center for Land Use Interpretation. See the tag "water".
Follow actions to do with dams, water infrastructures and river ecosystems and communities world-wide at International Rivers.


Downstream: A poetics of water
RAVEN: Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs
From the New School in New York, a series of March 2011 events around water,  and faculty member Victoria Vesna's website, Water Bodies.


online: Blue Gold: The Tsilhqot'in Fight for Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) by Susan Smitten
online: various films about water by Cynthia Hooper (ie: "Meximperiali"). See also her recent exhibit at the CLUI.

News - not updated since 2010

5 October 2010: About 600,000 - 700,000 m3 of toxic alkali sludge from the chemical waste reservoir of the MAL Hungarian Aluminum plant has overflowed into adjacent waterways after heavy rains. With the contamination of the Marcal and Toma rivers, there are fears for the Danube and Raba Rivers downstream. See more details, including a map at this BBC page. 4 people have died, 6 are missing, 120 are injured, about 390 relocated and thousands of others in the area have been affected.
5 October 2010: Introduced to North America in the 1970s to eat algae, Asian Carp (actually two species: Silver and Bighead) allegedly escaped from fish farms in the 1990s during flooding and are now considered "invasive". Present in the Mississippi River system for some time now, at least one seems to have successfully navigated the electrical fences in the man-made connection between the Great Lakes St. Lawrence River system and the Mississippi water basin (aka the Chicago Diversion). A bi-national study (funded from the Canadian side to the tune of $415,000) is underway. CBC report.
Late July - August 2010: At this point, at least 1,500 people are believed lost to the floodwaters of northwest Pakistan and over 3 million people are estimated to have been displaced. (The most detailed coverage in English seems to be available on Al Jazeera including address of the political context and aid response.)
Thursday 15 July 2010: The Salish Sea is official after some effort. This follows on the recognition of the Haida Gwaii archipelago in December 2009.
Spring in the Canadian Prairies: There has been so much rain this year that about 18% of crops haven't been planted; and many homes and infrastructures have been damaged and destroyed. Aid and compensation packages are announced (federal and provincial) to mitigate the effects of this weather. (Private structures built in floodplains are not included in this aid.) In related effects, late June the Trans-Canada Highway washed out near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
Monday 7 June 2010: Council of Canadians applies to officially name the fake lake built in the Direct Media Centre for the upcoming G8 and G20 summits in Toronto "Harper's Folly" (additional coverage here).
Thursday 27 May 2010: Phillipe Cousteau, grandson to Jacques, is briefly interviewed by BBC about his dive under the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
Tuesday 25 May 2010: Simcoe County votes to rezone Site 41 as agricultural lands, thus rejecting a waste disposal project and protecting the Alliston Aquifer.
Tuesday 25 May 2010: The Canadian federal government has proposed the new Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act, however the AFN among others regard it as inadequate, thus far, as there is no real commitment of resources that would enable the new regulations to be met. 
Tuesday 20 April 2010: The oil rig Deepwater Horizon, drilling for BP on the "Macondo" prospect, or Mississipi Canyon Block 252, explodes, burns and sinks. Besides the 11 presumed dead, the growing extent of the spreading oil contamination is truly depressing. The broken well continues to pump crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
Monday 19 April 2010: Gordon Campbell announces that the controversial "Site C" hydroelectric dam project has been approved for regulatory review including an "independant environmental assessment"... Who will do this independent assessment? See also: CBC, Pembina, BC Hydro. Pembina suggests that the current environmental assessment process is inadequate.
Sunday 18 April 2010: MH draws our attention to the Yes Men's Run for your Life response to this Dow-sponsored Run for Water event in New York City. This run was supposed to be part of a global effort...
Friday 16 April 2010: The Belo Monte Dam project suspension has been reversed by an appeal initiated by the State, and bidding on the project is open again...
Thursday 15 April 2010: The Belo Monte Dam project is suspended by the Federal Courts in Brasil - see this blog entry by Aviva Imhof of International Rivers.
Tuesday 6 April 2010: Affects of mercury poisoning on-going in Grassy Narrows First Nations, Wabigoon and English Rivers - see CBC and this wiki entry.
Saturday 3 April 2010: Coal freighter runs into Great Barrier Reef and leaks oil - see The Age, BBC and Central Queensland's Capricorn Conservation Council.